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Kelvedon High Street Hero's! Part one - The little Fish Shop

March 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

3R3A2417-Edit3R3A2417-Edit Being a local photographer means that I get to meet so many lovely people in the course of my week. From parents wanting family photography and requests for wedding photography, to corporate photography and so much more in-between! 

But do we utilise the resources we have locally, enough? I don't think so? I try to get my hair cut in Kelvedon and buy some shopping and groceries in Kelvedon, but... what if these wonderful businesses one day, were not around? How I would miss them! 

So through a bit of corporate photography and a lot of love, I am paying homage to our High Street Hero's! Starting with This wonderful business... #The Little Fish Shop

And who'd have thought that there was such a thing as #TheGreatBritishHighSteet awards?! I need to get my photographer hat on in the High Street more often, iit could be Kelvedon winning next year?!?! 


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