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Kelvedon High Street Hero's! Part Four-Whiffin & Co Accountants

March 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Part Four of my Kelvedon photographer jaunt, and the High Street Hero's today are... Whiffin & Co.! Walking in to the open space of this Accountancy firm, and things appear busy but quiet. It's not like you see people coming and going as you would one of the many hair dressers in Kelvedon but in this professional office, there are many accountants and staff, the camera doesn't lie! Many of the staff however, were rather shyly hiding on the first floor... or more accurately (and conveniently for them I think), that's where their offices usually are. I pride myself on being able to talk the most timid of subjects in a space in front of my camera but today apparently, some are way too busy... I'm suspicious but, I can well believe it.

I do quite a bit of photography in Kelvedon but not usually in my beloved High Street. So this has been a real treat, to see behind closed doors the people I might only pass en route. Perhaps I need to consider where my accounts might be better placed?

Another great business for Kelvedon!



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